Meet Me




Meet the face behind the brand... I created the company from the garage of my parents house at the age of 21. My parents kindly gifted to me a monograming sewing machine as a graduation present which is where the brand evolved from. You can usually find me burred in sweatshirts, country girl at heart dreaming of New York.  

"Each sweater has a sprinkle of love and blessings within it"



Sweater Squad is an online exclusive brand created in 2017 founded by a fashion design student from the North West of England. After completing a four year degree in Fashion Design and Communication and working in New York for a Knitwear company she saw the struggles that knitwear designers have been faced with, in the forms of global warming and the one season struggle. She learned about jersey and sweater materials and how they have now become the new knitwear as they are so much more versatile and can be worn for nearly every occasion and for all seasons and engaging the more casual generation. 


She had an idea to create on-trend slogan sweatshirts at affordable prices but still maintain high quality with a twist of humor and fun with the slogans and embroidery, eventually branching into other products. Our aim is to become a successful and well respected sportswear brand. We would like to see our customers pleased with their purchases and provide you with the perfect product. If you have any requirements for a special order or simply would like some peace of mind before clicking order please do not hesitate to contact us, we would be happy to help you make this experience one to remember.